Do you travel?

ABSOLUTELY YES! I love traveling and am always open to new places! You can see my upcoming travel in the "Travel Dates" section under "About," but I am available for travel outside of those dates and places! Travel costs apply can vary based off of location, access, and necessary accommodations (i.e. hiring a translator or driver in rural Bali might be different in cost than getting a hotel in Portland). Reach out if you want more info on your specific location! I have a few bucket list item places that might even result in a discount for your wedding or photo shoot!

What is your pricing for weddings?

I have several customizable wedding packages starting at $2,000. I offer many a la carte options (extra hours, second shooter, rehearsal coverage, etc.) and am always willing to rearrange what is included in my packages to fit your needs! Plus, additional photo shoots are discounted when you buy a wedding package - lucky you! I find it easiest to have this conversation over the phone - feel free to give me a call and we'll see what we can work out within your budget!

What is your pricing for photo shoots?

I have two photo shoot options: my standard pricing starts at $500 for a two-hour local shoot and my adventure package is $650 and includes travel to any destination that can be reached within a day. Dreaming of engagements at White Sands or Marfa? This is a great option for that!

What is the process of working together like?

I am very passionate about making sure we find a way to tell your story accurately and beautifully and comfortably! Before we meet for our shoot, I like to talk over the phone or in person to get to know you and your story better so that I can tell it as best I can! The shoots themselves are very comfortable and laid back - no awkward posing or forced PDA if that's not your thing. We'll just hang out, get to know each other, and enjoy documenting this time in your life. I am a therapist, after all, so I tend to be good at putting people at ease!

What sets you apart from other photographers?

Excellent question. I see myself as having a few unique qualities that set me apart: 1) I'm very laid back and good at putting people at ease. Having someone around on your special day that puts a good energy out there is HUGE. 2) My background in psychology, literature, and art gives me a very unique perspective on story telling (read more about it on the "About Me" page!). I tend to see people, truly see them, in a way that translates to emotionally rich portraiture. I don't document the way this time of your life looks, I document the way it feels. 3) I am extremely collaborative! Photography isn't about the photographer, but about the meeting of photographer and subject at a very specific time to create something unique and rich. I'm always down to try something crazy, fun, or out of the box. 4) I have a very wide knowledge of 90's hip hop and can sniff out a taco joint from miles away. I don't mean to brag, but those are two of my best qualities.